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Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 | Author:

For the past few weeks i was monitoring the petrol prices go up and down from au$1.49  to 1.40.. then noticed last few days went down to 1.35 so i fueled up the gas tank of my car on tuesday around 2am but I usually fill it up on wednesday because every wednesday of the week petrol prices is always the cheapest I dont know the reason why but it’s a proven observation.. the next day which is wednesday it went down to 1.34 haha.. so I will really stick to my weekly schedule to fuel up every wednesday because it really makes a difference if we are going to fuel up 40-50 litres of petrol every cents counts.. theres news that petrol will go lower to 1.20 and maybe lower.. see below the details of the news.

Petrol prices set to fall: RACV
Tuesday October 28, 2008, 3:08 pm

The RACV is predicting petrol prices will fall to as low as $1.20 per litre over the next few weeks.The price of crude oil has fallen sharply since the start of the global financial crisis.The RACV’s David Cumming says he expects petrol station operators to pass on their savings to motorists soon.
He said the Singapore wholesale price has fallen 15 cents in the last nine days.
“This week will be reasonable, but next week will be far better, we’ll definitely be down into the dollar thirty range, and the week after I’m hopeful we might be into the dollar twenty range, so prices are on their way down.”

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