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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 | Author:

Recently seen the news about a website which is an Australian government initiative that made me think and check it out because Its been a question of mine on which grocery market/supermarket giants is cheaper.. woolworths? coles? aldi and so forth… this site would be  a guide if you are curious about the price differences between them.. the website is  and choose click which town/suburbs you want to check.

Here is an example of a price comparison in inner melbourne central:

Inner Melbourne Central

Grocery Basket Prices
Dec 08 Release

These basket prices represent the average basket price for the region for each supermarket chain. The Total basket price reflects weekly grocery purchases by the average Australian household.

Independent testing of product quality has been done to allow ‘like-for-like’ comparisons between retailers. However, some differences in the quality of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables may still exist and consumers should consider this when making price comparisons.

Note 1: Basket prices for individual stores are not available.

Note 2: ‘Independents’ refers to supermarket retailers other than Woolworths/Safeway, Coles/BI-LO, Franklins, Supabarn and ALDI.

Note 3: ALDI supermarkets do not stock all of the 500 products included in the survey. A smaller number of staple products have been selected and are presented as the ‘Basic Staples’ basket. This is the only basket that lists an ALDI supermarkets price.

Basket Coles / BI-LO Woolworths / Safeway Independents ALDI
Meat & Seafood Basket $28.99 $27.09 $30.74
Fruit & Vegetable Basket $29.57 $27.74 $29.38
Dairy Basket $16.89 $16.53 $17.36
Bread & Cereals Basket $22.37 $21.85 $23.76
Drinks & Snacks Basket $21.20 $21.83 $23.19
General Groceries Basket $17.30 $18.61 $19.41
Household & Personal Care Basket $28.08 $27.38 $29.77
Total of above baskets $164.40 $161.03 $173.61
Basic Staples Basket $81.28 $82.75 $87.06 $60.05
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