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Friday, August 21st, 2009 | Author:

I bought a new car last year which is a kia rio lx hatch back which cost me $15990 drive away(no more to pay.. stamp duty, delivery charges etc..all included) + $300 for metallic paint. Car Maintenance which comprise of change oil, oil filter check up etc would cost around $180 from the dealer.. if have it serviced from other auto shop with dealer warranty stamp would cost around $110-130 have to look for a good deal.

Recently received a letter from Vicroads( a government agency that manage land transportation in Melbourne) the renewal of the car registration which cost me $570.. I was really surprised that it cost that much just to renew a car registration because from other countries it would only cost 1/4 or around $100…

Motor vehicle registration (renewal) The cost of motor vehicle registration renewal will vary depending on the vehicle type and the postcode of the vehicle’s garaged address.  The following is an example only:Light motor vehicle – metro area
Registration renewal fee: $612.30

My motor vehicle is garaged at a farther suburb from city so it cost less.

Car Insurance is also costly.. They base the premium/price from what rating you have..they would quote you much more expensive premium if you have a lower rating.

Rating 1 = 5+ years NCD (NCD means No Claims Discount)

Rating 2 = 4 years NCD

Rating 3 = 3 years NCD

Rating 4 = 4 years NCD

Rating 5 = 5 years NCD

The lower the rating you have the lower premium/price will be… 5 years and up no accidents or claims gets you a better price.

The summary expenses of having a car at an +/-average cost:

Annual car registration = $ 600

Maintenance  $150×2= $300 ( 2x a year change oil etc depends how many times you want to change it.. every 5,000km-10,000km etc

Insurance = $700  ( base from rating 1)

Petrol  $200×12= $2,400 ( depends on your petrol consumption…. my average consumption is at $200 a month)… the petrol consumption would be lower/ cheaper if we stepped on the gas more lightly or slowly.. not too hard.. just smooth acceleration will do.. to lower the petrol consumption.

Total cost around $4000 a year    + other wear and tear of car parts like tires etc… but I havent got into them yet since the car is new… the average life or wear and tear of car is around 3-4 years depends on the usage of the car though.