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Thursday, July 11th, 2013 | Author:


Werribee Plaza Library frustrating experience
I just came back from the Werribee Plaza Library really frustrated of what just happened.
I returned the Dvds that I borrowed today and checked through their computer my online account of pending items that I have not returned and saw a penalty due of $19.20 so right there  and then I ask a libary clerk of what is the penalty charge and discovered that I was being charged for a broken Dvd which I do not recall ever breaking it…  and told the male clerk that I dont remember ever breaking it.. Also the I returned the dvd around June 16, 2013 and they charged me on July 1, 2013 it took them 2 weeks to charge me for a broken dvd  and they did not have the courtesy to call or text to inform me of the charges anyway, to make the story short I just paid it off dont want to stress too much.. And I wont be borrowing from the Library anymore.
Just word of caution to people who borrows from the library just make sure to take a photo before returning the dvds.. There might be something shifty about them. Fyi… The books also should be examined before borrowing it you might get blamed for it and charged for it.

Werribee Plaza Library customer service and system for handling broken items is not done properly as people get blamed or penalized for other peoples fault and did not investigate thoroughly.

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