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Thursday, July 11th, 2013 | Author:


Werribee Plaza Library frustrating experience
I just came back from the Werribee Plaza Library really frustrated of what just happened.
I returned the Dvds that I borrowed today and checked through their computer my online account of pending items that I have not returned and saw a penalty due of $19.20 so right there  and then I ask a libary clerk of what is the penalty charge and discovered that I was being charged for a broken Dvd which I do not recall ever breaking it…  and told the male clerk that I dont remember ever breaking it.. Also the I returned the dvd around June 16, 2013 and they charged me on July 1, 2013 it took them 2 weeks to charge me for a broken dvd  and they did not have the courtesy to call or text to inform me of the charges anyway, to make the story short I just paid it off dont want to stress too much.. And I wont be borrowing from the Library anymore.
Just word of caution to people who borrows from the library just make sure to take a photo before returning the dvds.. There might be something shifty about them. Fyi… The books also should be examined before borrowing it you might get blamed for it and charged for it.

Werribee Plaza Library customer service and system for handling broken items is not done properly as people get blamed or penalized for other peoples fault and did not investigate thoroughly.

Monday, October 24th, 2011 | Author:

A word of caution… Be aware of the management of The PEarl Place Ortigas a project by Robinson communities as their customer service and processing time is very slow and inefficient… If you pay ofcourse they will process it quickly but if a problem arises it takes them months just to verify.. They dont have a proper protocol as they revised the floor plan and took off the unit we bought without informing us… If we didnt follow up for 3 months they would not have known the situation. We were greatly disappointed of our investment due to their unorganized and ineeficient process so we opted for a full refund but until now… It is been 3 months since we have following up for a refund and still have not gotten it.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 | Author:

We invested on a condo from Robinsons communities.. The project name is Pearl Place Ortigas in the Philippines. Paid the reservation fee late last year 2010 and have been paying the monthly deposit repayment since then but mid year 2011 we found out that the unit we bought was dissolved without informing us and after 3 months of continuous follow up they were able to come up with a replacement unit.. So we decided to have a full refund of the amount we paid but again 3 months and counting.. Still have not received the refund. We would not recommend to invest in an unorganized company and bad service… Just a word of caution before investing in them.

Saturday, November 13th, 2010 | Author:

We recently invested a condo in Ortigas, Pasig Philippines named The Pearl Place which is in the first stage of construction that means the   pre selling price  is not that high or expensive since it is still under construction and the developer of the Condominium is Robinsons Land Corporation, one of the country’s leading real estate companies, is engaged in the development and operation of shopping malls and hotels, mixed-use properties, office buildings, residential condominiums, as well as land and residential housing projects in key cities and other urban areas nationwide.Incorporated in June 4, 1980, RLC serves as the real estate arm of the JG summit Holdings, Inc, one of the Philippine’s largest conglomerates with diverse interests in branded consumer foods, agro-industrial and commodity food products, textile, telecommunications, petrochemicals, air transportation and financial services.

THE PEARL Place a Twin towers residential condominium will soon rise at Pearl Drive cor Gold Loop, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

The reason I purchased this property is because it is very near 3 CBDs – Ortigas, The Fort and Makati While it is in the central business district, the area is quiet enough as if you are experiencing suburban living. The area is just a 3-minute walk from Shaw Blvd where you have Jeepneys going to Mandaluyong/Quiapo/Pasig  Walking distance to St Francis Church, EDSA Shangrila Mall and Megamall and very
near Poveda, La Salle Greenhills, Robinsons Galleria mall, ULTRA.

We invested on a studio which cost at P1,800,000( AU$41,860 rate at P43) with discounts to be given P2000 per square meter which is P48,000( AU$1116).. this discount is until End of November 2010… Start of December 1, 2010 the discount will be P1000 per sqm which is P24,000( AU$558) That is the reason why I grabbed the opportunity to buy the unit before it reached the discount deadline and purchased the unit at P1,752,000 ( AU$40,745)

Reservation is P30,000( AU$697) which is deductible to the purchase price that we already paid thru a money transfer to their bank account so the payable balance is P 1,722,000 The 30% of the payable balance P525,600(AU$12,223) less Reservation fee P30,000(AU$697)  equals to P495,600(AU$11,526)  is to be paid in 48 months( 4 years )so we only need to pay a monthly of  P10,325(AU$240) my conservative estimate of the price value of the unit after 4 yrs it would be approximately around P2,500,000-P3,000,000  (AU$58,140-AU$69,767) its like making a lay by.. or making a small deposit which earned interest.

They are selling studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units… I would have invested a bigger unit but since it is my first condo investment and also fits my budget so I purchased a studio unit as my first initial investment.

If you are interested in buying  The Pearl Place by Robinson Land Corporation or if you have any inquiries regarding the condo units available.. Feel free to email me at

This is a legit investment opportunity.

More details to be posted and some sample computation.

International buyers are welcome to invest.

Friday, August 21st, 2009 | Author:

I bought a new car last year which is a kia rio lx hatch back which cost me $15990 drive away(no more to pay.. stamp duty, delivery charges etc..all included) + $300 for metallic paint. Car Maintenance which comprise of change oil, oil filter check up etc would cost around $180 from the dealer.. if have it serviced from other auto shop with dealer warranty stamp would cost around $110-130 have to look for a good deal.

Recently received a letter from Vicroads( a government agency that manage land transportation in Melbourne) the renewal of the car registration which cost me $570.. I was really surprised that it cost that much just to renew a car registration because from other countries it would only cost 1/4 or around $100…

Motor vehicle registration (renewal) The cost of motor vehicle registration renewal will vary depending on the vehicle type and the postcode of the vehicle’s garaged address.  The following is an example only:Light motor vehicle – metro area
Registration renewal fee: $612.30

My motor vehicle is garaged at a farther suburb from city so it cost less.

Car Insurance is also costly.. They base the premium/price from what rating you have..they would quote you much more expensive premium if you have a lower rating.

Rating 1 = 5+ years NCD (NCD means No Claims Discount)

Rating 2 = 4 years NCD

Rating 3 = 3 years NCD

Rating 4 = 4 years NCD

Rating 5 = 5 years NCD

The lower the rating you have the lower premium/price will be… 5 years and up no accidents or claims gets you a better price.

The summary expenses of having a car at an +/-average cost:

Annual car registration = $ 600

Maintenance  $150×2= $300 ( 2x a year change oil etc depends how many times you want to change it.. every 5,000km-10,000km etc

Insurance = $700  ( base from rating 1)

Petrol  $200×12= $2,400 ( depends on your petrol consumption…. my average consumption is at $200 a month)… the petrol consumption would be lower/ cheaper if we stepped on the gas more lightly or slowly.. not too hard.. just smooth acceleration will do.. to lower the petrol consumption.

Total cost around $4000 a year    + other wear and tear of car parts like tires etc… but I havent got into them yet since the car is new… the average life or wear and tear of car is around 3-4 years depends on the usage of the car though.