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Sunday, November 16th, 2008 | Author:

I’m so glad that i passed my actual drive test last November 10, 2008… really went through a lot before i got it and the good thing about it that it all went smoothly.. only took me once to take the test because others have a hard time passing it.. some took it 2-3 times or more to pass it which driving instructors and friends hearsays.

A brief story background, I recently migrated here in Melbourne, Australia last August 2008… so was wondering if it’s legal for me to drive with my overseas license or my license from my native country and confirmed that it is legal for me to drive with my overseas license but could use it only within 3 months( for more details check the page Driving in Melbourne, Australia) so within that time period i tookroad law knowledge test(learner permit test),hazard perception test( HPT ) and the driving assessment(actual drive test)

TAKE NOTE: I made an appointment for the actual drive test for next week but only available slot/schedule is 30 days onwards which is next month… that means many people are booking for the actual drive test so must plan ahead of schedule… but the other 2 test.. the learner test and HPT can be scheduled within a week.. all depends on your suburbs testing centers busy schedule.

Before I took the learner test and HPT.. read and reviewed the “Road to solo driving” handbook which really helped because it teach and guides us the proper way to drive safely and the road rules which is very important.


Keeping left
Overseas visitors are reminded that (like in all other states in Australia) vehicles are driven on the left side of the road in Victoria… cars here are RIGHT HAND DRIVE unlike other countries which is left hand drive and always keep right… which i need to adapt, improve and practice my driving skills since i’m used to driving on the right lane and left hand driver seat.


*Obey traffice rules.. specially speed limit which will really cost you if caught plus demerit points too.

*Understand how to proceed in a “round about” which is a big circle in the middle of the road that we go in to go to the other side… always give way to the right and inside the circle/roundabout is clear or no visible car.. just proceed when safe..

*READ the “ROAD TO SOLO DRIVING”handbook or try to understand the road rules here in Australia to be on the safe side.

*Drive safe and always be on alert.

* PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.. more driving hours of practice and feeling the car.. drive smoothly then it will be a piece of cake on the day of the actual driving test.


(Please leave a comment or additional info on ways to improve.. thanx)