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Travel and Leisure in Melbourne

If you plan to come and have a tour in Melbourne, I would advise you to check this website which is because all the info you need is in it like schedule of events, shopping, dining, attractions, history, precincts, entertainment, visitor info, tours, transportation, discount vouchers and of course the last but not the least.. the map of the city/ cbd.

Want to know the cost of fares to travel to and from your point of location by trains, trams and buses? Here is the site for more detailed information which is This site will give you information guides on how to get tickets for trains, trams and buses, packages and other general informations

A hard catalogue copy of Hello Melbourne can be obtained FREE at Melbourne’s International and Domestic Airports at the Travellers Info Desk, at 3,4 and 5 star hotels, Tourist Information offices around the city, from select Travel Agents interstate, Car Hire Companies, select advertisers and also CBD train stations INFORMATION DESK wherein I got my own copy. Enjoy your stay in Melbourne!

train station                                                                    in the train during off peak hours

train schedule