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Melbourne’s Unique Four Seasons in One Day

Melbourne is famous for its unpredictable -‘unique four seasons in one day’!

In a day will start off cloudy then rainy vice versa its just hotcold in one day,   climate change every other day.. so always bring a spare jacket or jumper with you.. just in case the weather changes.

The unique weather Melbourne is blessed with, is created by its unique location, wedged between southerly arctic influences and the northerly dry and hot desert winds.

Melbourne is actually much dryer than the eastern Australian cities and has only about half of Sydney’s annual rainfall.

But Melbourne has a larger number of cloudy days and somewhat colder than Sydney.

If compared to European cities, Melbourne’s climate is mild, particularly during winter. (Melbourne is almost the same latitude as Athens and northern Africa!) It is really very pleasant and beautiful.

Melbourne’s climate has four distinct seasons: clear skies and fresh green budding leaves in spring, dry hot summers, colourful leaves in autumn, and cool crisp and sometimes rainy winter days. It’s a comfortable climate to be in.. whatever the season may be.

Summer time comes… it actually gets hotter in Melbourne than in the eastern cities, due to the hot desert winds but its dry hot days don’t go on too long and are regularly followed by pleasant cooler spells. It rarely gets humid and heavy… also during summer.. sun is strong and you will need to have sun protection.